How To Prioritize Tasks To Boost Productivity


Managing your priorities is all about gaining control of your time and avoiding stress, but what if you can't shake the feeling that everything is a priority? Or that focusing on just one task is impossible? When you learn exactly how to set your priorities, you'll be able to make quicker and better decisions, level up your career, and you won't have the nagging thought that your day went to waste or you let someone down. In this course, productivity expert Mike Vardy, who has studied personal productivity and time management for over a decade, shows you his unique method of getting more done by prioritizing tasks and engaging in those tasks at just the right time. By watching this course, you'll gain a greater awareness surrounding your priorities, you'll experience an increased focus when doing your work, and you'll understand what’s truly important.

Learning Objectives:

Understand what prioritization really means
Create a mindset for prioritizing
Developing awareness and clarity
Audit your to-do list
Use journaling and chronicling
Create attention paths
Use daily themes to prioritize
Factor energy levels into your priorities                                        

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